What I like about hsi game is the realistic Golie AI also the good player AI there are some downsides to this game,,,,,,

User Rating: 10 | NHL 2K8 PS2
As a NHL gamer I know a good NHL game and NHL 2k8 is the best I have seen with the cool butterfly styles are soo cool I hope other people like it and GO LEAFS GO!!!! another thing is the realstic shootouts and stufft here are some downsides to this game,,,,,,AI also the good player AI Thats why I love games like this and I am deffenetly am gonna buy this game cuz its realistic and Fun for everyone!!! I am looking forward to another series of NHL 2k9 from 2k sports I love the game now tell me all the problems that are in the game and I will have a look at it and might tell you the way to fix it or atleast try to fix it but the game has the best Rosters and great arenas and stuff@@@