Almost perfect...just a few adjustments and its there...Best sports game to date

User Rating: 9.5 | NHL 10 X360
Although the game is similar to last years (its hard to completely change a sports game...especially if it was a huge hit like the last few games) NHL 10 brings a lot to the table. This game combines a lot of game styles in one. With the good there is some bad.

The Good:

- Precision Passing:
Can be magic when you learn how to use it, making a pass off of the boards to a teammate rushing up the wing is pretty awesome. This does leave a lot of room for error with the setup. Quick, one-touch passes seem to be pretty inaccurate and weak.

- Be a GM:
Have been waiting for a feature like this that goes a little more in depth than the traditional dynasty. The draft day and trade deadline days are a great addition, as well as the way the trading system was revamped. It does seem like its already a little troubling with the salary cap on, as players still want huge contracts and don't settle for smaller. Overall it is a great feature.

- Be a Player 2.0:
Having the ability to upgrade your player through equipment is really cool, aside from the upgradable equipment being hideious. Also you seem to be able to upgrade your player more quickly than previously.

- New animations:
If you played the hell out of last years game, like me, this game doesn't feel like the play has been recycled because of all of the new animations. The goalies especially, no more glitch least for now. The puck doesn't "float" to stick or feel magnetic. One more thing that's not really an animation, just something cool: during fighting black eyes and scars appear...pretty nice touch.

Now the bad:

- Voice Over Sound:
Gary Thorne and Bill Clement need to get another paycheck and record a lot more. There's a few new things but overall pretty much the same as last year. The game sound is pretty dead on though. Posts sound like posts.

- Be A Pro Equipment:
The gloves, and helmets are pretty ridiculous. To get extra upgrade points you have to have spiderweb or graffiti pads..ugly. They should create things that look more like actual pads than cartoon accessories.

-After the Whistle Play:
Great that you get penalties for hitting people after the whistle, terrible execution though. There are many times where you can be standing there minding your own business when someone comes and beats you down for about 30 seconds and both players get taken off for 2 mins. This also adds about 10-20 unnecessary seconds to online team play.

Overall the game is great. Just a few minor changes and it would be perfect. Easily one of the best if not the best sports game.