The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, is possibly the best game I own yet.

I just got the GoTY edition for oblivion and I am hooked. There is just so much to do in the game and Oblivion is a definite must-have. If you are confused, Oblivion used to be rated T for Teen when it hit shelves, but was soon changed to M for Mature because of a mod on the PC(look it up if you want details, but back to the review). The DLC is great. I will definitely be getting more. I should also mention the flaws that keeps oblivion from getting a perfect 10/10. First off, if you are having a great time exploring the countryside in search of a treasure chest or 2, you might just be hindered by one of oblivion's in-game loads. This causes the game to lag a bit for a short amount of time, but has never really bothered me too much. I can think of a few more, none very big, but lets face it. Every game has flaws, one way or another. But for the game that keeps you coming back for more, the masterpiece known as The Elder Scrolls IV, scores an amazing 9.5/10.