I'm new to D&D, but can't they make it available to all?

User Rating: 2.5 | Neverwinter Nights 2 PC
The biggest nag I have about this game is definitely the fact that it is so slow. Monotonous and BORING. I spec'd my characters to the 'recommended' setting, and still for some odd reason they hit once in a blue moon. Basically once every 8 attempts. It was just plain ridiculous. The enemies attacked faster, did more damage, and generally were a lot better than all of my recommended characters. Even more so is the abysmal AI, the only thing useful about them is taking flak from the enemies. And sometimes they are not even good at that. I appreciate the amount of possibilities you the characters that the player can create. But when the makers of the game think that 1/8 hits is respectable. I just lose any sight of fun in a game.

Uninteresting - Boring - Broken - Buggy. That sums it up. Even after the patches the game seemed to get WORSE.

The best part is definitely the graphics, which aren't even that good, yet demand so much.