Probably worst of the series, despite the fact it's the first fighting game to appear on the PS2. Please read on

Tekken 4. I still remember playing it when I was a kid back in elementary school. That time I was dumb and have no clue what a good fighting game was. But now I know what a good fighting game isn't: Tekken 4.

Sure, it's the one of the first fighting games to be on the PS2 and the first 3D fighting game of the series, it's quite dissapointing. Characters' profiles and fighting styles are weak and uninteresting compared to the ambitious fighters of Mortal Kombat. Yes, I am still a fan of the Tekken series but I find that Tekken 5 beats the **** out of this game.

Here I will lazily list some Pros and Cons of this game as NAMCO lazily made Tekken 4.

1. First fighter of the 3D era.
2. Fighter's fighting styles MOSTLY seem realistic (lol double backflip kick).
3. Each character has a very long list of moves.
4. Pretty good graphics for an early PS2 game.
5. Has plenty of game modes (time attack, survival, arcade, etc)
6. Pretty nice variety of arenas.
Thats all I can think of.

1.Gets boring VERY fast.
2.Though each character has a long list of moves, most of them seem pointless and are there just for eye candy.
3. Very boring story.
4. Boss fight is Heihachi (no demon/monster in this one).
5. Destructable environment has no real effect on the tactical combat.
6. Annoying music.
7. Small list of characters.
8. Tekken Force mode (the 'adventure' mode) is extremely bland and later levels are almost impossible.
9. No way of blocking except for not moving or walking backwards.
10. Just plain bland; no variety compared to the colorful and interactive arenas of Mortal Kombat.

Conclusion: DO NOT GET THIS GAME. If you like fighting games, go for the Mortal Kombat series. If you like Tekken, get any other in the series besides this one (prefferably Tekken 5 (the best of the series).

My final review:
Gameplay: 6.8/10
Graphics: 9/10 (for its time)
Story: 6/10
Multiplayer: 7/10 (vs. mode)
Fun: 6.3/10 (depends who you are)
Time total: about 1-5 hours for a regular guy to get bored
Learing curve: Ehh, easy I guess. I just beat the game through randomly tapping the attack buttons.
Control: 6.5/10
Interaction: 6/10
Violence: 6.5/10
Funniness: 6/10 (some of the parts in the story is pretty corny).
'Cool'ness: 6.7/10
Unique: 7/10 (first fighter to appear on the PS2)
Worth your money: NO (not even for a 50 cent arcade!)
Final rating: 2 stars