This game is not worth buying or renting.

This is the first Ed Edd and Eddy game I played on the Play station 2 and I was disappointed. I could not even play this game for a hour it was just boring the whole time it lacked the hook that makes you keep on playing a game. The graphics even for a game based on a cartoon are awful it looks like there was very little time spent on making this game. I think the show is funny but, this game however was just terrible. Yeah they had a few flashy team moves like Ed hitting stuff with his head but, that isn't enough to keep even a casual gamer playing.

I wanted to try to like this game but, it could not be done. I you are even thinking of getting this game you should rent it or something it is not worth buying. Eddy and Edd or double D have a couple moves also but, the game is still not worth the time spent on it.