Don't listen to the whiners. The revamp got me to return to SWG. This is the game we should have been playing.

Yes, the game you once played is now totally different. But this is also a game I quit playing long ago due to its inferior game play. With the likes of World of Warcraft on the market, and the upcoming D&D Online, Lucasarts and SOE HAD to do something to save this ship that sank a long time ago in a galaxy far away.

So what did they do? They threw out the garbage and gave gamers what they wanted. I no longer have to be a hard core 24/7 player to become a Jedi. I can pick the class from the beginning! Granted, you start out weak, and haven't completed the training to form your own lightsaber, but at least you can FINALLY play as a Jedi. Personally, I think the new character classes work.

Also, EVERYTHING is sped up, whether it be running, combat, you name it. No longer are you stuck in a jar of molasses, but you're free to roam and actually fight instead of clicking attack and eating a sandwich while you watch the game fight for you.

I don't care what anybody says, this game has made a SIGNIFICANT step forward. It got me to quit playing WoW and come back. So, either I have really poor taste in gaming or SOE is finally doing something right for a change. I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say it's SOE. They aren't afraid to change to adapt to the market despite what the "old timers" rant and rave about.

This is Star Wars Galaxies AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN UPON RELEASE. Are there bugs? Of course, but name one MMORPG without bugs on the "To Do" list. I haven't encountered anything myself upon my return to SWG. I truly am grateful that I gave the new revamp a shot, because I'm liking it a million times better than the old classic SWG.

I guess I do feel sorry for the people that loved the old classic SWG....perhaps they should have reserved one server that played the old way, I don't know, but SOE had two options: A). Adapt to the market, or B). Close up shop and cancel SWG altogether.

My advice, give it a shot. Don't listen to the BS ranting on the boards, just play the dang game for what it's worth. You might just find that you actually LIKE SWG now instead of hate it.