The game that introduced the Sniper Scope in Gaming.

This games must be in the category called "special".i just cannot put this game in any known category because it's unique.it's hard to describe my feelings about this game.it's an action adventure with hilarious moments.if i would compare it with something from the world of music,this would be eminem,who has(or had)been adopting a unique style of music-funny rap.
the music,oh yes!the music of mdk is simply the best ever made for a video-game,it considerably amplifies the intensity of this game.few video-game ost's have done that,in the way mdk does.
i think that the graphics of the second world are still stunning for todays standards-12 years have past since the release of mdk & i haven't seen anything like those glass panels from the second level,which are reflecting the vastity of space.i really don't know why this game is underrated.
you play the role of kurt hectic,a guy in a futuristic suit,i don't know why,maybe he had an accident i don't know.at the top of his left hand,he had a machine gun which also plays the role of a sniper with great zoom.
some aliens have invaded Earth with minecralers,they're miners lol!kurt teams up with his doctor & his dog-they are his family,they'are only friends.they also stay at the head quarters,on a space orbit & send kurt down to earth to solve things...like a superhero,superman,batman...
the environments bring me absolut nostalgia-it's an atmospheric game for me.stupid nostalgia,you're not letting me to play on consoles like xbox360,wii or ps3...lol!
there are 6 worlds,each divided in 9-10 parts.you travell through tunnel from a level to other.the bosses are hilarious-they look like in the cartoons & are kind of stupid,you kill them fast but the leader of the game is bad-ass!you fight him at world 5 & 6!he kidnaped your dog during world 5 & he brings takes him to world 6,he's hidding before a dog,lol!what a coward!kurt will have his revenge at the end of the game of course where you have to feed that leader with fishes...that is so funny!you have to feed him to distract him to release the strings that keep that dog(max?)captive.
this is a third person shooter with fps moments when using the sniper.
in the game,you take grenades;chainguns which upgrade your built-in machine-gun;dummy decoys to distract the enemies;running stuff which gives you 150 to life;turkeys-50 % for life;small nuclear bombs to blown door seals;
candy:),gives 1% life etc
at some levels you will fly with a space ship to bombard the war field with bombs!kill the grunts from the trenches especially:)
mdk is a milestone in the gaming universe-it blends pure action with good humour making an unforgetable,nostalgic experience for the playstation & pc.
anyway,the graphics are dated & the game is kind of short but the rest is brilliant!