what is this? a joke?

I'm sorry but i see this game was a let down. i was hoping the disc i put into my 360 wasn't the game that was dubbed "superb", but when in fact it was. Rare had plenty of development time to fix stupid stuff like dead bodies randomly spazing out on the floor, but for some reason seemed that was OK. odd. i hope we can expect more from next generation ragdoll physics than this in the near future

I'm not the best at FPS games, but i'm not bad either. i had a hard time finding my way around the levels. there really isn't that sense of "hmmm, i bet i should go that way..." but rather, "where the heck am i?".

don't get me wrong, there are some things that were done right. the multi-player isn't too bad (i enjoy infecting people) and beside the physics, the graphics and sound are good. not to mention i could be spoiled by halo. but this game should be considered a $19.99 bargain bin special, not to be confused with $19.99 players choice. it's far from that.