Wasn't expecting much anyways.

User Rating: 7 | Naruto: Narutimate Hero 2 PS2
Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 is a fighting game based on the anime Naruto.
Although the game has a pretty unique control scheme and fighting style it feels pretty much like an average fighter and in my opinion doesn't deliver the same amount of excitement you get from the anime.

Game design: Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 sports a unique Manga art style graphic (as seen in Super Dragonball Z but it's a lot sharper).
The game has very little modes to select from, Ninja Road, which is basically a story mode, VS mode and practice.
The story mode starts and finishes from the chunin exam arc and will also feature a few extra stories exclusive to the game, but they are just a few last minute fillers.
The cut scenes are presented in spoken dialogues and a few in game animations but otherwise not much above average.
In Ninja road you can free roam around the hidden leaf, you can talk to people and can either go through the main story or the many sides missions.
Although you can also go to places outside the hidden leaf they are not as deep.
In other modes there are a variety of selectable characters (around 40), you can also buy extra contents such as collectable cards or video clips.

Game play: The game has a few awkward control schemes, which can take time to get used to. Otherwise most of the time the game is more of a button masher.
You press X to jump (twice for double jump), square to throw weapons (different weapons can be picked up during the fight), O is for melee attacks (which you will be using a lot) Then there's guard, teleport and special attacks triggered with button combos (mostly the same button for every character).
The most eye-catching thing about the game though is each character's ultimate chakra attacks.
If you have lots of chakra and land a successful hit on your opponent you can trigger mini games where it either involves hitting buttons or spinning the stick as fast as possible, all characters have different attacks (with the exception of a few) and they look pretty amazing, but their pretty hard to pull off though.

Sound: The game's music doesn't sound as appealing as in the anime which makes it kind of hard to get into, but the voices casts are great and do a good job in portraying their characters.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 is unique, but not all that great.
The game's Manga style is really great, but when it comes down to animes that involve exciting fights (like Dragonball Z) then they should really focus more on getting the game to look more like the anime, not the manga.
Also characters (apart from special attacks and ultimate attacks) feel the same.
Also the tutorial for the game isn't exactly accurate and the story modes difficulty is a bit unbalanced.
Although you can upgrade and develop your characters the procedure takes quite long and you will start questioning whether it's even worth it.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 doesn't feel like the anime at all and isn't that special.
It gets old pretty quick and the fighting isn't very deep, it rather gets repetitive quite quickly.
I'm not sure if Fans should consider getting this game but others should definitely stay away.