Myth 2:Soulblighter's main game is OK, but the seemingly infinite plugins make it much more than just worthwhile.

User Rating: 9.5 | Myth II: Soulblighter PC
This game is nearly impossible to describe other than the words PLAY IT NOW. Though it seems to be overlooked often by most gaming communities (probably because it's, well, an old game) it doesn't deserve that at all. There's many things to discuss about Myth 2, but I think I'll begin with the actual plot.

Since it's been awhile since I played the main game (I've been hoarding plugins) I might get this kind of wrong, but here goes: The story begins with a call for help from a nearby village. Expecting nothing much. a local troop goes to investigate and finds the village is infested with Thrall (creatures similiar to zombies). Before they know it, the troop is swept up in a wild adventure that has them find wondrous new units (including the freakin' AWESOME wizards), open portals to other lands, and eventually enter the hellish dwelling of Soulblighter.

The main story is very immersive and interesting, and you can choose your difficulty, ranging from pathetic to a nearly impossible campaign (A true devotee of Myth 2, one of my friends has beaten this difficulty multiple times). Just this (and the hilarious tutorial level) should be enough to make you go out and find this game. But wait-there's more...

There is an immense fan base for Myth and Myth 2. Because of its simple graphics and design (which is not to say they're bad) it is not only possible, but easy to make levels, classes, campaigns, and even worlds using a toolset (which I have yet to try out). These are called Plugins, which should be familiar to any avid gamer that has tried a game like Myth 2. They are downloadable off the internet, and are extremely entertaining. These plugins are so diverse that I have combined two plugins-Blue and Grey and Leggo-to have lego people fighting the american civil war. There are many, many possibilities for Myth 1 and 2 and it's a shame that it's not noticed as much as it should be. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Thrall to blow up.