It's not "so bad it's funny"... it's worse

User Rating: 4 | MySims WII
I hardly have time to play as much videogames as I'd like so most of my elections are based on reviews, what I mean is that it's strange for me to buy a game knowing there is a high chance could be bad. I was totally hyped up about this title now in retrospective I can't even think why was I.

Even as ashamed as I am I felt compelled to write the review hoping to prevent people from wasting money on it -actually don't get it even get it if it's free-. This game is greatly overrated as every major bad game from a major developer is. But who knows, a 7 nowadays is like a 3, real gamers know scores below 6 are hardly given to any game no matter how bad it is.

Anyway onto the game. D
id you ever hear the expression "so bad, it's good"? Ok, this game takes that expression to a way different level, Mysims is just beyond those kind of games, it's just so, so, so bad it's not even bad-good.

On the other hand this game is sort of an inspiration for kids to design their own game. It shouts: everybody can be a game designer!. During the really long loading times found myself thinking of a thousand clear ways to improve it, from new mechanics to scratching the game disc. Honestly there are things so broken that seem to be done on purpouse, I really don't know what these guys were thinking.

To help you save time, I'll make a list of my conclussions:
- The loadings are very very long but the games looks like crap, it has bad coding written all over.
- I can't believe the designers were so incompetent which leads me to believe they were on a tight budget or schedule.
- The game is crap.
- Probably the most expensive part of the developing was a pizza they ordered the day they started it and finish it.
- It's not true that all FPS create aggressive gamers, My Sims also does it.
- Mysims aren't killeable, so you can't even get even putting them on a pool and taking out the ladder.

Playing MySims with shoe strings, belts or ropes at hand isn't a good idea.

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