Big and flashy ads, the outcome....disappointing.....

If you visit Game Spot everyday, you could probably notice Alpha Protocol's advertisement on almost every pages. I bet Obsidian spent big money on advertising this game instead of developing this game; the graphic isn't that amusing, the stealth gameplay is even worse than the 1st Splinter Cell game, and killing your enemies do not seem that exciting.

The one thing that's good is the conversation choices, somehow like Mass Effect, but comparing to ME, ME gives the characters personality. AP, however, isn't as lively. Obsidian is known by making Neverwinter Nights 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2; however, the characters aren't nearly as good as NWN2 or KOTOR2. The characters in AP just talk talk talk, which really lacks some personality. Makes me want to end every conversation asap.

The combat system is somehow like The Club by Sega. However, The Club's combat system is a bit better than AP, but still both games doesn't give players the thrill in shooting combat, and buggy. However, close quarter combat is a little better than shooting.

Overall, the game is disappointing. I thought this game would be an epic since they put up ads almost on every gaming webpages. If they improve the shooting, stealth, and movement systems, the game would be a lot more enjoyable.