Just like the tv show ... unfortunately without any lines from Pat or Vanna

The game itself is very much like the tv show. The rounds and bonus wedges play out just like the tv show and in the same order. There is even a bonus round for the player with the high score at the end of the game. This is exactly what you would expect from a WOF game. The biggest part missing from the game is the comments from Pat and Vanna. There is absolutely no talking and this is the biggest disappointment for me. What's also included is the ability to play up to 3 players at a time, a road trip mode, and online games (not many people play so games take a while to get started). To help keep track of earnings and wins there is a character development section where you can name your character and choose a small amount of options for how your character looks and dresses. This is nice to keep track of your stats and for friendly competition.

Playing the game is simple. You press x to spin the wheel and then select the letter you want by moving left or right and pressing x again to select the letter. You can solve by pressing triangle and buy vowels by pressing circle. You have ample time to put in the letters into the puzzle (maybe too much time) and can go back and fix a letter if you made a mistake. There is a done button that tells the computer you are done and the game will move on. Very easy and very simple to use. Between each spin and turn there are very simple animations (they get annoying fast) but the games seem to move along at a good pace.

The different modes of the games are okay but really there are only so many different ways to present WOF. You can play single player which is really boring as you have to watch the other two players turns, animations, and selections. You can play just a regular 2-3 player game with friends at your home if you have enough controllers and keep track of wins and losses and earnings. This is the best mode as you can play a quick game in less than thirty minutes and offers more competition than the computer. There is also a road trip mode where you visit three cities in three games. The backgrounds change slightly but its still the same ole game. This is okay from time to time. It keeps track of your earnings from all three games and you can compete with friends in this manner but it does take awhile to finish all three games. The online mode has potential but there aren't enough players and the connections aren't reliable as players drop from the game constantly. It took me about ten minutes to get an online game going and the other two competitors dropped out of the game before the second toss up. Another complaint is there aren't any party options for inviting your friends to play online games. This for me is a must for any online game. At least the online mode is offered which is a plus I suppose.

Finally, the game is good for a family or in my case a way to get the wife interested in the PS3. It's easy to use but also very basic in its presentation. There are a few trophies to collect which keeps me playing it from time to time. There also seem to be a lot of puzzles as I have yet to encounter duplicates. While a game like trivial pursuit may have more replay value due to the multiple different types of games you can play this game is certainly worth a look if you want another game to play with your casual gaming friends.