It seem the more that I play this the more that I like it. I ended up getting TOCA Race Driver 3 and CrashDay within the same week. I had crashday ordered 3 weeks prior it just took 3 weeks to get here from the UK.

When I started playing both of them I could never decide what to play. After about a week I stopped playing Race Drive 3 completely. Once you get used to the game you will not want to stop.

Until I played it about 3 hours I was thinking it was kind of ordinary then you start to unlock new cars and weapons. New game now, it is a BLAST.

Types of events,

Racing Checkpoint race
Racing elimination Last one to pass the finish line blows up
Stunt Show Lots of ramps and trick to get a high score
Pass the Bomb Time bomb pass to some one else before time runs out.
Flag Race Check point race with a big smiley face balloon on you car, crash into someone to take it.
Destruction Crash up derby with guns and rockets.

With the 1.1 patch you have analog gas and brake support now.

It also has a track editor so you can make your own tracks and stunts. You can use these online also.

Online is great also. The game will also download tracks that you do not have automaticlly if you do not have the track that is being played (just a few seconds on cable modem) Everyone has been polite and friendly, not much swearing also (major plus for me).

The only thing that I do not like is the graphics could be alot better for high end computer users, even with the setting all to high you still get notched corners on the track. Other than that I would not change a thing.

Give it a try well worth the money.