Short But Sweet.

This game, is surprisingly short for me. The only reason I went back was because of the replay value and the decisions you can make. Kill and collect the bountie? Or help him fake his death, and collect the bounty? Blasters, or Sabers? Dark, or Light? Male, or Female? The decisions continue.

I like the gameplay style, and the choice of weapons. There has to be well over 100 different weapons in this game, all with different attributes, and effects. Maybe even 200. Not to mention, armors. And some weapons and armor are customizable thanks to additions you get in the game, such as mesh underlay.

Also, you can have a party of up to nine people, but can only have two of them tag along at a time. There is a great diversity of them, too. Wookies, Droids, Jedi, Twi'lek, Human...

It has a great story-line, plot twists, and other things of the sort.

The game is chock-full of side-quests. Givin from your party members, and random people.

The good: Your decisions, good audio, including music and voices, over 100-200 different weapons and armors. Some are customizable. Great story-line with surprising plot-twists.

The bad: The graphics were mediocre, and the game was somewhat short. The game is somewhat hard to master.

And so, I give Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic and 9.2/10, great game, I say buy it.