Sometimes our best option is run and run.

User Rating: 9 | Mirror's Edge PC
Not many games like Mirror Edge, when you must solve puzzling along urban skyscraper with your bare hand and foot, running through one grip to another pipes, jump to one roof to another and land with crouching. Mirror Edge reflect a lot with extreme sport called park-our, if you familiar with it. You will keep run and running along games and that was the best thing main character do but sometimes we must jump (You'll know this sentence at end game).

First time playing I not expect any action like dodging bullet and break enemy with weapon but since pictures leaked main character hold a gun that must be sure will be little action pack. Thanks enough it just side action not the main core in gameplay, You don't have to push yourself bang shooting along game, You can beat enemy with punching or kicking, it feels more challenging with counter attacks that You can borrow their weapon (with forced of course) and kill 'em all.

Along gameplay solving puzzling with every acrobatic movement You will enjoy a lot the scenery of city from rooftop, the feel and look of contrast texture color, the sound of city busyness, airplane, blue and clear sky wow! I enjoy it a lot even after 3 years this game release the graphic still superb, another great work from DICE, I can't believe this game was pass through my radar.

This game is worth my time, very worthed and I can't buy this time with cheap price for this amazing game.