From everything positive, it turned out not up to expectations.

I've heard countless people rant about how great this game is, and that how could I have not even played the game before. So after awhile I rushed over to ebay and bought this 'gem' of a game.
When I got it in the mail I rushed inside got out my old 64 out and played. I have to say, my zealotry to play this game was at an all time high, I had never wanted to play a game so bad.

My first impression was, "wow this is a great game!". Quickly though that impression faded into (you) just "wow, this is a good game" Because, I personally feel this game gets a bit repetitive with it's missions and level design. Plus the story is enthralling at first, but after a while that becomes a facade. Plus, even from the beginning of the game, joanna dark the protagonist of the game isn't very interesting.

Okay enough ragging, I'll point out the positives now. The gameplay is very fun and works great with the n64 controller. Single player even though can drag and may a seem stupid, is still a lot of fun and even after you beat the level there is extra stuff to do such as find cheese. Music even though a bit generic, is still pretty good and goes along with the game pretty well.

Onto the multi-player! This is easily the best part of the game. There are a robust amount of levels and game options to play from the start and to unlock while playing through the main quest. Each level feels different, and is a ton of fun to play on. There are different modes than just 'deathmatch', but really that is the only one I really play. Other modes include 'Capture the Case' - Basically PD's equivalent of 'capture the flag', Hold the Briefcase - As the name implies, you hold on to a briefcase for as long as possible, 'King of the hill' - nuff' said, 'Hacker Central' - In your base theirs a laptop and you have to keep it from being hacked while trying to hack the opposing team's laptop, and finally 'Pop a Cap' - One person is picked as the target and then everyone is out to get that person. There are also unlockable cheats that can render the game a totally different experience which is a great feature (this is also usable in 1 player quest). Oh, and you can create a profile and character totally your own with pre-made faces and bodies.

Even though I feel this game was a let down, I still like it a lot. The single player game is good enough to warrant a purchase, but the multi-player puts it over the top. Now, the game goes for like 10 dollars, how could you go wrong?