You think you know pain? You know nothing.

Fans of the Galaga arcade games can rest assured that the new version isn't going to be just a cheesy rip-off. Indeed, what you get is a swirling multi-dimensional world that immediately sets your pulse racing and makes pinballs of your eyes. You can choose auto fire and work on flying your ship all the way around the corners of the screen, which was verboten in the arcade days; or you can play the old-fashioned way and fire each blast one at a time. The screen colors are extremely busy, and the action moves so quickly, you may be hard-pressed to figure out what you just won or accumulated before the next wave comes in. The aliens can now attack from any angle, and they do so in maniacal spawns. I had my doubts about this sequel, but the completely addictive gameplay erased them all. As much fun as a summer movie. "Galaga Legions" is a worthwhile addition to the series.