A lack of variety kills an overall great downloadable game

Battlefield 1943 is a online only downloadable first person shooter created by EA and available on the PSN and XBLA. It's a great attempt to bring a renowned classic shooter to the consoles, however, due to EA's attempt to simplify the game really yields some noticeable gameplay issues.

There are only three classes to choose from and surprisingly only three maps to choose from as well. Aside from the typical king of the hill, zone or domination game types there is also a dog fighting only mode on it's own map. The three classes have something unique to add in their own rights, however, only having these three same classes without any customization option to make your character different from other players is upsetting. Couple that with the fact that you will play one game mode on three maps that don't always cycle through in some sort of order can drive anybody crazy. I like the maps, but playing three games on the same map back to back feels like a rip off especially at a $15 price point. Hopefully EA will release a free update with a few more maps to give this game more variety.

The game also has an issue with jumping into a match with your friends. Every once in a while you will be placed on the opposite squad and won't know it because the voice chat drops out from time to time. Communication and partying up with your friends is crucial to winning matches because you can spawn on fellow party members and jump back into the fight within a few seconds. If you don't party up, you'll most likely have no chance of winning any games and you'll become very frustrated with the game. There are also balancing issues that I won't go into detail on.

Whether it's land (foot, jeep, tank) sea or air you will always find a confrontation. In 12 on 12 only games, sometimes it can take a while to get back into the fight after re-spawning, so if you're a run and gun type of gamer you may have severe issues with this game.

Although the majority of this review has been spent on the negative aspects of the game, it does offer a nice fix for fans of the series and any gamer that enjoys all different types of shooters. If you're looking for a quick summertime fix, you may find some enjoyment with this game. If you're looking for alot of depth and variety, stay clear of this game and put your money into another game that may offer more.