Strong enough game to pull you into the series by itself, simply amazing and incredible narrative.

User Rating: 9.2 | Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Mega Hits!) PS2
First off, I have never played the first MGS game for the PS1 and never found the series to be that special when hearing everyone treat it like a holy religion and a gaming icon, Then a local stop at my EB Games kind of changed that. Ok it definitely changed my opinion entirely. MGS Sons of Liberty is such a compelling game that I’ll guarantee it will bring new comers into this amazing espionage stealth/action, yes they are contradicting but it’s a healthy dose of both, game.

The gameplay consists of stealth and action, but the real portion of the game has you listening to dialogue and watching perfectly choreographed cut-scenes that present the story so well that it has you dying to know what’s going to happen next. The gun mechanics take two forms, one is a straight on approach where you aim directly ahead of you, the other is a first person mode that almost everyone is familiar with. Depending on the situation both are used appropriately. There is also some simplistic up close and personal combat moves that help when in a pinch. It’s the stealth and adventurous part of this game that really makes it feel cool. MGS:SOL gives players a small radar in the upper right corner of the screen giving you a layout of the area your sneaking around and dots representing your enemies and their line of sight, it works perfectly! There’s just nothing cooler than diving across a small open area praying the enemy won’t spot you while you make a get away from a dangerous situation. The controls are very fitting and the inventory system that works with the controller’s shoulder buttons was a good move on the designer’s part. Over all it’s very comfortable and workable.

Even with the PS2 over five years old and developers learning to harness its true power MGS:SOL still looks to be one of its best looking games. All the characters are highly modeled and even the hairs on their head move with “Herbal Essence” beauty. The designs fit the game’s futuristic feel with its exoskeleton armors and high tech Metal Gears, won’t elaborate for fear of ruining the story. SOL is just a pretty game to look at.

Most games that developers sprout out today have simplistic and clichéd stories, but not MGS:SOL, in fact it’s one the most original and complex stories I’ve ever played. With its rich narrative, plentiful dialogue, and vibrant characters that all have a personality and back story of their own, it’s hard not to be sucked into this game that just screams Production Value. I think the length of the game was fitting two, anything longer and I think it might have become boring and any shorter it would have had me dying to know more, although I still am trying to dig up any info I can on the other installments in the series.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it, Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty is almost perfect in everyway and polished to a point that is so rarely seen in today’s games. You have to be crazy not to at least try it. Even I was skeptical when I heard of this game and read the reviews, these types of games had never really sparked an interest in me but I can honestly say MGS:SOL is one of the best games ever in every aspect, but most importantly in the delivery of a memorable experience and incredible story!