There is nothing better than this!

Visuals: Some of the best out there. The characters and environments are absolutely stunning! Despite having this since release, I am still wowed by this game every time I play. Blood, guts, and carnage all make my jaw drop in their beauty and splendor.

Sound: Great voice acting music really pull everything together. Tons of lines per character. Guns and explosions sound fantastic.

Story: Very solid. Gears 2 had the best story in the series, but this one really fleshes out the characters and makes you feel that they are people and not just gigantic bad asses who blow things up.

Gameplay: Tight and rewarding. Rarely do I feel that the game screwed me out of a kill or caused me to die. Every once in a while you might encounter a bad camera angle or an iffy mantle jump, but overall this is a very rewarding experience.

Multiplayer: The best there is, bar none. All the guns can be useful in the right hands, power weapons make you feel like a monster, and the entire experience is virtually lag free. Tons to unlock and a steady community make this the best MP experience out there.

This game is a masterpiece. Nothing else can be said. In my 19 years of gaming, I've never reviewed a game before, but I had to make time to add to the hype. GET IT!