its not a bad game but it deserves way better than what its rated

now i know i seen all the reviews that said this game was terrible or even a waste of time but once you play it youll think again or at least i hope,i love the finshing moves on here the are very exciteing to watch a nozie fall head first from the building to the city street,and there very quick and easy to do and there fun to perform,the graphics arent that bad neither but they couldev did way better throught and they couldev of put more checkpoints in the game too,i played the game on the hardest gu killed and then another guy killed me,and there can be some far amount of glitches in the game that you can get passed,but all in all the game is very fun setting bombs up under a tank is good fun and watching people use the nozies as cover fire is awesome as well, the reason i liked this game so much was because they were doing a cause i mean its not every day you see a game were only one guy is fighting a **** loud of nozies and that is bad ass.