A solid FPS.

User Rating: 8 | Medal of Honor: Warfighter PC

The first thing that strikes you is the graphics. Everything looks great. Your comrades, the surroundings, the enemies move like real human beings. The story continues the adventures of preacher (main character), Stump and the others. You've got to solve the puzzle in order to stop other terrorist strikes.

The fire exchanges are rapid and you must be careful because you can be taken down instantly. You can use different weaponry picked from the fallen enemies. You have the basic: pistol and machine-gun with a scope.

The thing that surprised me in a pleasant way was the fact the player could drive all the way a level. It's something like NFS: don't get caught.

Sadly the story is not much and you can finish the game within 8 hours. If you have enough head shots you can unlock certain items, but this is meaningless.