Still the best looking and mech design mechgame out there

User Rating: 9.1 | MechWarrior 3 PC
Even though there isn't that much to look at - what there is, is stunning, and out of all the mech games it is still one of the best looking and the one that works the best.

Graphics wise - so much nicer than the mech 4 range - the mechs look better, landscape is so much more realistic, and while weapon effects might not be as good, it is nice to see the landscape taking damage.

Add to it the great cut scenes that give the mission details - simply superb - still the best to date.

Playability - missions are pretty much the norm, ranging from destroy to protect. Considering the game etc, didn't think there was much you could change, However Mech4 Mercs sures goes a long way to proving that you can change the spin on it.

Mechs - love the way that nothing is totally hardcoded, like the mech4 games - makes more sense in a way. Also love the way that you can move the reticule around the mech, as though you are actually moving the arms - yet again a bit more realistic.

Difficulty - just change the level of difficulty to get the right challenge.

Learning Curve - easy to difficult - easy to play, difficult to properly master - especially if you want to play online. Things like DFA are not that easy to pick up.