Boring gameplay with a ton of tech. issues........overated...a must read

User Rating: 4 | Mass Effect 2 X360
Mass Effect2 for Xbox 360 is probably one of the most overated game (next to HALO) i have ever played. I cannot believe all the high ratings for this game. For starters this game has alot of tech issues. I got stuck and had to reset the game numerous times......that happend alot. The loading times are anoying, and ruin the flow of the game....and not to mention extremely ugly to look at. The really bizzare thing is when you die and want to continue, the game will always load up one of your old saves....WTH.......which is really anoying. The mini games are really a head scratcher....they are so stupid and boring it boggles my mind why they are even in the game. They really needed some better variety then what is in this game.
The actual game play is okay, but it is not the best third-person shooter out there. The cover system feels funky, and the guns dont feel as good to shoot as other games.I thought it would of been nice if you could of flown a space ship, or driven a vehical, or something different. The gun fights are not that exciting, and there is no cool boss fights. All it is is gunning down waves of a small variety of different enimies. The graphics are okay the cutscenes look good, but the actual game screens are average. The only good thing about this game to me, and the only reason why I finished it is because the story is interesting. Some of the dialoge is long and boring, but the story really picks up towards the end.
I am really surprised by this game, and there is no dobt in my mind that most of these reviewers padded their scores for this game. How does Gamespot give this game such a high score with all the issues this game has........ Even if this games gameplay was the best....which believe me its not......The tech issues, long load times, and the rediculously stupid mini games alone would down it to a 6.0........ The game is a less than average third-person shooter, with a decent story at best with a ton of problems I give it a 5.0