The first game on DS that really made me very proud to be a DS owner.

An amazing game for the DS!The first game on DS that really made me very proud to be a DS owner. Its just as good as console versions only a little weak in the graphics department

Graphics : 9/10
Great graphics, its full 3D. And plus the top-down view makes it look even better. And the character designs are good too, the art used is very nice.

Gameplay: 10/10
If you liked any of the GTAs from any consoles, be it Playstation, Xbox or PC you should give a go at this. Incredibly well-made DS exclusive. Its got all the basic foundations that make a GTA game.
Stealing a car, outrunning cops, causing havoc in the middle of City Hall and Chainsawing and Flamethrowering random people and cops on the road! Plus the Touch screen implementation and the GPS and other new functions are great. Plus the button controls are simple and easy with short learning curve.

Replay Value: 9/10
Any game that plays out like a GTA game is worth replaying, because GTA is about massacre and mayhem. Plus in this game, there is drug dealing which is addictive if you like earning a lot of profit quickly! Plus there is a replay missions feature where you try to beat your scores and times of completed missions; worth challenging

Connection Gameplay: 8/10
You can connect with friends ! Play death matches! Race against each other! Co-op to kill enemies! This are all excellent games and are fun. Though the Wi-Fi is somewhat disapointing where you can only compare stats and send messages to friends (for now)

Variety of In-Game Stuff: 10/10
A lot of things are crammed into this small game card. Plenty of weapons, ranging from molotovs to chainsaws. All kinds of weapons to use in your carnage sessions! Exciting isn't it? Plus there are more than 50 drug dealers to trade with! And the cars are not bad either, we get many cars in the game ranging from quick cars like Resolution X and Sabre GT to the omnipotent tank of destruction: Rhino.

Overall 9.5/10
Good graphics, an exclusive for DS. Awesome gameplay that is just like console versions. Great game for DS users- a must own! If you are new to the DS (but are of legal age) don't crack your brain about questions like: "GTA or Pokemon?" Buy GTA; its awesome!!!!!

This is my first review :) so don't get offended and think "WT* is wrong with this guy? His review S***s!" Its purely my opinion