ok graphics, repetative enviorments, diffictul to play, akward battles, unclear in structions, the list goes on

this could have been a really good game

the good points:
graphics are good
it jumps right into the story line BUT

(the bad points:)
the story line to me did nto make any sense, maybe because everything else about the game SUCKED so much
the worst part of the game - the battles
it is a simple hit and be hit game, the controls are horrible and there is no way to hit without being hit. unless you want to stand infront of the guy you have to kill, moving around while attacking is really awkard.

the instructions are unclear, how are you supposed to know to press select to go to the menu, and when are you on the menu, nothing is labled. its does not tell you how to do anything and you are literrally supposed to F****** guess (sorry for the swearing, its just this is such a terrible game and i cannt believe i waster ten minutes playing this piece of crap, and it got such a good review) it does not tell you how to play the dam game, and you cannot skip the crappy and meaningless cutscenes
the enviroment is bland, boring and repetative

this game coudl have been good, the graphics are good, too bad everything else fails, bad controls, it does not tell you how to do stuff, boring enviroment, akwards battles

this game SUX!