Chicks, Ninjas , and a SPARTAN!! For what more could you ask!!

Note i had never played a DOA game prior to this one and after popping it into my 360, I haden't and idea why. This is just a really awesome fighting game and a great game in gerneral. The graphics are nice a with some awesome looking backgrounds and good looking character models to boot. The game fetures loads of characters from many..i think like 4 ninjas?!? and even A master chief esque spartan! But its no breeze unlocking these characters, as the tough default AI will give most players a run for their money. It says normal but man it feels like hard sometimes, especially when fighting alpha ( generic overpowerd boss..its ok these games all have em ). But unlocking new characters and collecting the various achievments was very rewarding for me. There are tons of unclockables, and loads of costumes so if the game manages to reel you in expect yourself to be pumping loads of hours into it. The rest of the game though such as sound and what not are pretty standard..nothing exeptional but really the gameplay is where this game shines. Everything plays soo smoothly and the combat looks exellent too. So in summary if your looking for a good next gen fighting game to sink your teeth into this is it. And if your new to fighting games, dont let its difficulty put you off because there is alot to like here.