Mafia 2 is a complete package with some loose ends.

User Rating: 9 | Mafia II PC
If you are going to play Mafia 2, you are going to have great fun. This game is set in a beautiful fictional city which is doomed in the first part and awesome, full of liveliness in the second. The missions are awesome, each having its own difficulty. Killing people is just great. Running from cops is too easy, if you know how to make few correct terms. AI is good but it should have been better. But visually this game is godlike. This game has everything that Mafia didn't have. Like its prequel Mafia 2 is also set mainly on missions with a little to do in the glorious open world. All you can do is just buy guns, clothes have a snack, drink or get your car repaired. While shopping you can be a good citizen paying for everything or just go in and blow the whole shop, steal money, and clothes, guns etc. And if you are a Rambo then come back after blowing the shops and you'll see a POLICE! DON'T CROSS Tag. A very sweet touch :D. Missions are great fun and the ending is ultimate. But unfortunately there is nothing to do in the open world except concentrating on missions. Those who have played mafia will love Mafia 2 Chapter 14! The cars are just superb, with the varietes of sits backing it up. Overall this game is a complete package with some loose ends.
Cant wait for Mafia 3......

Gameplay : 10
Graphics : 9.5
Sound : 8