Why it's getting mixed reviews...

User Rating: 9 | Mafia II PC
Although this eagerly awaited game has scored around 80% from most reviewers (and rightly so), some reviews and players have marked it very poorly. Reading these reviews I get the distinct impression that these guys were expecting a GTA clone and have scored it as such. Can we get one thing straight here... Mafia II is NOT INTENDED TO BE A GTA CLONE!!!

The city is merely a backdrop to the story. The developers have tried to make that backdrop as realistic as possible, to give weight to the story, but I guess they made it look too good. So good that people expect to go off and do other stuff. That's not the point of the Mafia series.

My advice, follow the plot... don't lose it!!

Bottom line: if you enjoyed the first game then I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. At the very least, judge for yourself.