Return to the Left 4 Dead 2 experience with some old friends and some new surprises in The Passing.

Go buy yourself some microsoft points, because this cheap little gem is worth the $7.

Whats new with weapons?: This campaign adds an M60 and a golf club. The M60 is an extremely powerful (All though it feels a bit light) gun that mows down the horde with ease. The golf club is pretty fun, but not too different from what we've seen before.

New zombies?: Meet the Fallen Survivor. This new uncommon common carries some supplies that may be worth chasing him down for. This guy adds a whole new game mechanic where you must quickly decide "Will it be worth splitting from the group to hunt him down?"

Original survivors?: Yes, you get to meet three of the original four. In my opinion, this was the campaigns only letdown. Although the offer some help and have some hilarious things to say with the current survivors, their interactions are very limited and very brief, not to mention one of them is dead!

Whats a mutation?: Every week, a new mutation is released. This is a tweak of one of the older game modes. These are a blast and make the add-on worth it week after week.

Achievements?: Yep, a couple of new things to unlock to boost that gamer score of yours! Some are a bit difficult than they should be, though, or I should say that ONE of them is too difficult. Also, Expect to unlock two new avatar awards: A hat for beating the campaign and every ones favorite gnome for playing six different mutations!

Still undecided? This campaign may only be three chapters long, but it's very reminiscent of the original campaigns. Expect to see the weather patterns like in Hard Rain! The Passing is a blast on Versus and features some very interesting crescendo events.

L4D 2 fans should not miss The Passing! It's cheap and full of fantastic content that I would have paid 1600 points for!