The cover is great and that all

Rainbow six 3 and black arrow on xbox was amazing! The coop play was awesome on xbox live (and local for Black Arrow). Ubisoft Quebec try a new rainbow six (their first ''AA'' game) and they failed. The graphics with the ''filter?'', ugly. The missions are just useless and not fun, even in coop. They don't follow a straight story like the others. The difficulty are far worse and unbalanced. The sound effects was okay. I paid it for a cheap price and resale it after i completed it. I've tried Lockdown after this one, and it was fun but, not like the 3 and black arrow, but better then the fail of Ubi Quebec. Critical Hour is just useless. Thanks god this game became unnoticed by the great Rainbow six Vegas, but for the videogame collector like us, we got bewitched by the great cover, the only good thing of this game.