This game is the first in the line of successful ace attorney games, but you'll have to have the right taste to enjoy it

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is a really fun game. For me, just about everything in this game satisfies me, but "me," isn't everyone, so I just can't give it the perfect score.
Innovative gameplay: The Phoenix Wright series' gameplay is definitely the most unique of its time. From reading text to actually going to court, if you have a dream of being a lawyer, this game is for you.
Bits of comedy: In every phoenix wright game, there are walls of text to read. To me, I like that, but to other people, not so much. So the creators decide to add in bits and pieces of comedy almost everywhere. It not only makes the cases, all of which are murder, have some relief in the suspense. It also gives you a good laugh when you get bored and it drives you to go on.
One straight path in court: Everything in court is predetermined;therefore, you have to follow the same path every single time you play the same case. Adding alternate paths that still go to a good outcome and not a penalty might've been better to add.
Walls of text: I myself enjoy reading this well thought out story, but some people don't. If you're going to purchase any Ace Attorney game, you must be ready to read.
Presenting different pieces of evidence during investigation: In the 2nd through 5th cases, you get to go out to investigate to learn more about your case. This is a fun part of the game. Presenting different pieces of evidence to people not only gets you further, if you present some certain pieces, you'll get some funny dialogue. Try presenting your attorney badge to everyone in every case. Sometimes it helps, most of the time, it's for comic relief. Although that's fun, if you don't present some specific evidence, the character you're talking with talks about something totally random that's the same exact thing and it isn't really fun most of the time. Some are long so if you present the wrong evidence, prepare to read the same phrase over and over again.
Overall, the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series is to me, the best games for the DS. The first game is by far one of the best and is a must get if you have the right taste. If you're a hardcore platformer fan, this game isn't for you. I am a hardcore shooter fan, and I really enjoy this game. Try it out, you might end up loving it like me.