battlefeild: quake wars

here it is. its battlefeild. it has battlefeild written all over it. the objectives dont really have a new feel to the game. the vehicles are not the best looking thing but the walker???? it looks cool you have to agree with me on that. but the rest of the vehicles? the strogg powers r cool to do and cool to look at (from a distance) watching beams coming down from the sky looks cool. but human powers r jsut boring. it just so.... human... the maps are good. great design and space. just right, espically the one where you are in a dessert and then you transfer to the strogg base in the snow. COOLEST. but overall its not the best mmofps. (as i like to call these type of games) but worth to rent if you can rent an online game. maybe buy it in 2008? If a new one came out? not sure. maybe? if a new patch comes out?

Peace out (: