Disappointed !

First time i saw demo play on last year E3 and i was exciting about the game and i have pre-order it but unfortunately nothing much to say as nothing new to me.oh well maybe its not my kind of game i don't know as this is only my opinion.

the game got no innovation and bad graphic for PC on highest setting. it look like a console game to me and not a very good one. i would enjoy it if it was 3 years ago moreover it does feel like console ported , ( poor and low quality of textures )

I am an rpg fan this is why maybe i am not enjoying the game (i'll try another go tonight and see if i really get into it ) but i was wrong that i thought this game could bring something that i would enjoy to play with as i knew its an action game with rpg elements but still lol i still wanted to try . i think its my fault !

For an rpg fan i'd recommend to wait for Dungeon Siege 3 but if you like an action game ( Gear of war + rpg feel + fast action ) then you could try this game. you might like it better than me.