Not just like the most wanted game but this game give us lil fun when we hit the boss stages and kill the bosses...

well what can i say this game is good but not much as most wanted as we can play before. the cops are not hard to catch us and the chopper is not give us the bomb to destroy our car in the air.. like we can see in hot pursuit 2. but i like the some stages of this game like we see on kill the boss stages we hit the cars and kill them but our car is not damage thats not good. i can feel in that stage just i play the game in my childhood the game of sega (chase H.Q).
this idea is cool. the cars are well.. the graphics are good but going to blury when i set the option to high. but ea not try to work hard on that game they not give us any glory in this game. drag races are good but where are the drift races?? i give this game 8.0 cuz i am the fan of ea. but i request to ea please work hard on story and game play... cuz i am lil bit bore to play this the the stickers,vinyls,bodies,after market are good of the cars.. the graphics are improve much then before but the blur is coming i dun see clearly when i ride the car clearly in drag races.. but this game we can say much better then prostreet..