Relieve the first three episodes of the Star Wars series and play as your favorite characters - LEGO style.

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Star Wars PS2
The Star Wars series is regarded as the most famous space-blasting sci-fi adventure. LEGO Bricks are regarded as the most versatile toy and enhances one's creativity. The thought of combining them into one multiplatform game is enough to make fanboys of both franchises drool.

LEGO Star Wars does exactly that. The first three episodes of the series playable on many platforms. Podracing, epic recreations of the more famous Jedi battles, blaster fire spread out and about and so on. The best part? All of these are happening in LEGO form.

LEGO Star Wars does justice to the two franchises, and actually converting non-fans into hardcore fans.

Graphically, LEGO Star Wars is a treat. It's not as "blocky" as the initial thought would push you to believe. In fact, everything is as smooth and action-packed as Darth Maul's mirrors - if he had any. It still has the signature Star Wars pizzazz, but in a more fascinating LEGO form. Lightsabers are still like lightsabers, but their handles are LEGO-fied. Blasters are LEGO-fied too, but their fire still carries that deadly flare. Character movements are certainly amazing. For the first time since plushies, ugly Star Wars characters (read: Jar Jar Binks and the like) are actually modified to look cute. The characters are amazingly recreated in pure, LEGO fashion. Their details are amazing. Environments are equally amazing and are definitely reminiscent of their movie counterparts.

Its audio is also spectacular, taking pages from the Star Wars movies and packing them into a great game is neat. Simple effects, such as blaster fire and lightsaber clashes, are equally outstanding. Characters lack real voicing (most say "Ugh!" or "Ow" or "Ahhhhh!"), but the absence of voices are well taken care of. Some characters have subtle voice effects, such as R2-D2's "Woah!" and the Battle Droid Commander's "Roger, roger!", so it's fun to hear the actual game characters express themselves through the very voicing.

What makes LEGO Star Wars a blisteringly fun, lightsaber clashing excellence is the gameplay itself. Faithfully recreating the memorable moments in the first three episodes, LEGO Star Wars incorporates single player or co-op mission undertaking. Locations are similar to the ones in the movie, albeit "LEGO-fied".

Action game elements are readily available, such as the clicheic double jump and swords. Guns are also present. The best parts are, of course, the Star Wars incorporations. Blaster characters are able to use their blasters for grappling hooks. Jedi can double jump and use their Jedi powers to reassemble broken LEGO structures. Droids are able to open special doors. Bounty Hunters are able to hover and use special bombs. Because of character limitations, certain areas in levels aren't accessible. To access these, the Free Play mode is present, which gives a certain amount of replay value.

If not playing the story mode, you can stay at Dexter's Diner, in which you can input spoiling cheats, buy hints, characters, extras and whatnot. These are bought in using LEGO studs, and different colored studs have different values. Minikits, found throughout various levels, are collected to form various vehicles that are found in the movies. Such feature adds a siginificant amount of replay value to keep you coming back for more.

Overall, LEGO Star Wars is an excellent action/platform game, which can appeal to fans and non-fans of either franchises.