This game is much like Jaws Unleashed. Except with better graphics and with a dragon. But that is pretty much it.

User Rating: 4 | Lair PS3
This game look so cool to me that once it came out i would buy it. But once i put it into my ps3 and launched it the first thing i got was a camera that reminded me way to much of Jaws Unleashed. The controls were also very simaler to Jaws Unleashed, very hard to control....but the main problem with the controls is the camera. Since the camera cannot keep up with the action, the action is nowhere to be seen and the controls lead the action and if you cant see the action then you dont know what the hell you are controling. Hmmmmmm dosen't the gameplay also remind me of Jaws Unleashed ....YEP it does . It is very very very very very very (x 50 ) repetitive! Okay now im going to spell that out for you. R-E-P-E-T-I-T-I-V-E REPETITIVE!!!!!!!!!!! The main thing to do is eat soldiers eat soldiers and breath fire on them ( ocasionally) . I don't think i ever got off my dragon due to cause of packing the game up ( after 2 hours of mindless gameplay ) and going to eb games and returning it . CHA-CHING! That was the sound me getting my money back and them getting their crappy game back. And also if you are wondering how i got the game so early my eb games had it there so i bought it..that is all. Okay now lets compare this game with Jaws!! (oh gosh no) 1st. They have repetitive gameplay. 2. You play a huge monster / creature that seems cool. 3. The game makes the creatures uncool. 4. The camera sucks. 5. Really i mean they suck!. 6. Same with the controls. 7. Most of the time you don't know what the hell you are doing. 8. You destroy stuff / animals / people. 9. The both really are big disapointments. 10. They both suck!!!!!!!!!!! 11. I rated them hard because of the controls and camera.

Final verdict is that you should not buy this game whatsoever because it lacks game. Really badly. If you want to play this game really badly then rent it but i would not advise that if you dont want to play it super badly. THIS GAME WAS A TOTAL LETDOWN!!!!!!!!!!