Made for multiplayer.

User Rating: 7.8 | Kohan II: Kings of War PC
If you are looking to play this game, don't expect an immersive single-player campaign. The single-player side of this game is rather quick and uneventful. It's too bad too, since the storyline had good potential. Therefore, the single-player campaign is more of a beginner's tutorial for the multiplayer arena.

Gamespy hosts the multiplayer community for Kohan2. It's nice that Kohan2 had a multiplayer option, but it would have been better to use anyone but Gamespy. The Gamespy interface is clunky and appears to have been slapped together at the lowest cost possible. Aside from the dissapointing Gamespy software, the multiplayer aspect of Kohan2 is quite good. Battles are normally very balanced, minus a few overly-powerful units.

To play effectively at all in multiplayer you to finish the single-player campaign. To play well in multiplayer you need lots of experience. The competition is stiff and team coordination is a key to victory.

The gameplay in Kohan2 multiplayer is basically a battle over settlement sites. On these sites you your fortresses that house your unit producing and unit enhancing buildings. Your settlements also gain you invaluable resources to fund your army. In addition to that you can construct gold, iron ore, mana, and wood mines on those deposits. The darker races rely more on mana (which is harder to come by) where the lighter forces rely more on gold and wood.

Victory is achieved by a mixture of good communication, speed, good tactics, and overall strategy. Overall strategy depends much on one's economy. Large and strong armies are very expensive. The more units you have to pay for the slower your economy will grow and the weaker it will be later on. There's a balance of unit production to economic growth. People tend to lean one way or the other based off the rest of their strategy.

Overall, Kohan2 is a fun and fairly solid game. The multiplayer has a loyal, if small, community. If you enjoy fantasy-rts then you'll undoubtedly enjoy this. Otherwise, you might look elsewhere since there are currently lots of other good RTS games out atm.