It's a Square game nya, but it isn't an RPG, nya! Don't let the art fool you, nya.

User Rating: 7 | King's Knight NES
Hailed as part of Square' s darkest hour, this game is... well... it's something, nya. Not really as bad as people say, but really not all that good, either, nya.

King's Knight has you control four heroes in a game similar to a vertical shooter, nya. Everything in your path must die, nya. Especially since you get killed if you get caught between ANYTHING and the bottom of the screen, nya. Yes, you control an actual human (and, er, dinosaur) IN THE STYLE OF A VERTICAL SHOOTER, NYA! This is an amazing concept, nya. The problem is, nya... you die VERY easily, nya. Take a few shots and you're gone, nya. There are powerups hidden throughout the level that you ought to get, nya. These powerups will of course, power up your character and allow them to not only survive longer, but deal more damage (maybe), nya. Unfortunately nya, you may just miss most of 'em, nya.

Yes, this game is frustrating, nya. The key to survival is all hidden items, nya. Even a vet like me has trouble surviving in a single level, nya. That's a problem, nya. Even so, I find myself having fun playing the game (before my NES starts wigging out on me again, nya).

If you're looking for a challenge, go out and get King's Knight if you can, nya. Just remember that it isn't an RPG, nya.