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Animal Crossing Wild World is the must own DS game for everyone. If I had to describe this game in a few words it would be "sims with animals." The graphics I think are better than the original one for the gamecube. Each Animal has different emotions than are shown through the games great graphics. The gameplay takes advantage of the touch screen well. You can still use the pad and all of the but the touch screen is WAY better. You get items some of which were in the original Animal Crossing are carring over to this game. They also added new ones like the watering can. The game also takes full advantage of the fact that the DS has a built in clock. It changes from day to night and from season to season.When it come to the size of your town the original wins. For a handheld game though the town size is pretty damn good. Your neighbors will move from you town to other towns. But others will take there place. Even though this is a haldheld version they did not skip on the holidays during the year. For example in my town right this very moment there is the bright night fest were you nieghbors put lights on their houses. The value of this game is just awsome. If you ever you ever run out of things to do just talk to neighbor and they will give you a quest etc. But were this game hits a grand slam is Wi-Fi. You can connect with up to 4 different people online and have a party in your town. I just had a super bowl one in my town. If you get some ones friend code they can come to to yours and vis versa. The sound if good and the music if very good. If you can turn of the Animal voices you are set to go. Just one word of warning is that this game is very hard to find in any store so i recomend getting it of of amazon.com. This is a must own for anyone with a DS. Even if you do not have Wi-Fi there is still much fun to be had.