Amazing story and amazing concept

User Rating: 9 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
I knew it its a fair game, but I had no idea
how much this game differs from many others.
What's really amazing in this game is that the
story is great and it looks like a story-drivven game.
The story is great, the gunfights are great and there
is a non-stop action in the game.

You get to play as a convicted prisoner who is sentanced to death,
You are saved by another prisoner just to find your self fighing
for your life to get enough money for thugs who threaten your famiy's life.

The graphic is great and flashy, great effects with great shadow.
I'm playing with NVIDIA 8600 with no problems what so ever.

The sound is good enough and the all atmosphere
is really frighting, you really feel that you are fighting for your life.

I recommend this game to everyone who is looking
for a great story in the game and who love to fight and shoot.

Great stuff.