Expected a bit more, got a bit less, but it was still a fun ride with a strong Michael Mann influence.

User Rating: 7.5 | Kane & Lynch: Dead Men PC
Kane and Lynch is an attempt at bringing a Michael Mann element to the world of video games, the question is, did they pull it off? The dialog seems dead on, it deals with the psyche of the characters much in the way the typical Michael Mann movie does, and the aggressive behavior is also present. But very few buy video games for dialog and fmv's, they want action and lots of it.

Kane and Lynch has a sub average AI system. Rather than hyping up the enemy NPC's AI, making them a challenge, the developers instead just toss in an an insane amount of enemy npc's. At times this is actually more enjoyable, but it depends on the player. If one is playing the game merely to be entertained, it works. If one expects a challenge, they may be a touch upset with the sub average AI.

The ragdoll physics are just as good in Kane and Lynch as they are in the Hitman series, may be a bit better. In fact, one of the things enjoyable about K&L is that it plays like a Hitman game in many ways minus the stealth, the stealth thing isn't best for the impatient.

The audio isn't bad, the sfx aren't the greatest but the score is enjoyable.

The controls are a bit rugged if one uses a gamepad, but smooth on the keyboard.

Replay value is high, if the player just likes mindless violence. Once the game is finished the levels can be re-loaded and played without having to go through any of the dialog, nothing unique there. But the bank levels and few of the other levels are just a blast to re-play, especially during those moments when one feeling a bit anti cop like. Of course one can do the same in GTA, but K&L has far better ragdoll physics that just amplify the violence.

All in all, this game is maybe a 7 out of 10. The game would have been better had they not included the jungle levels and had gone with Max Payne like controls rather than Hitman.