Journey may be a short, but has some of the best moments we'll see for many years to come.

User Rating: 9.5 | Journey PS3
It's quite rare to see a game that shines out from the rest of the gaming world; Journeys span all of the Earth's landscapes and resonate within the human heart, regardless of sex, age, and origin. If you've played FLOW or Flower in the past by the same team ThatGameCompany which really know how to make a good game but only as a Downloadable title.

There isn't a large story plot line unlike other titles where the story spans over 20-60 hours, Journey is a 2-3 hour long as you control your robed figure it features no map or instructions, only a large mountain in the distance that you journey towards to.

Gameplay: There isn't much to say on its gameplay, it's just pretty much simple with hardly any instructions or a map on where you need to go. Using the left analog stick to move around, you'll b tapping circle or holding down circle to send a voice out to open large doors or walls. You'll come across pieces of cloth that can be collected and used to fly for brief periods by tapping X which can make you reach places you can't reach.

While traveling your through Journey, you will encounter other players, if they are playing online or not. You cannot speak to each other, but can help each other in their journey or not as they wish. You'll meet others online will not be identified with a username and voice or text communication will not be possible with the other player. The only way to communicate with another player is keep tapping circle to them.

Graphics and Sound: The strongest point about Journey is its graphics which are really breathtaking to look at as you journey across the desert and exploring ruins as you journey ahead. You could actually feel the sands crisp as your walk on ahead or hearing and feeling the wind blowing, and of course sliding down large sand hills as if you're surfing down. I couldn't any actual problems on its camera system, you can tilt the PS3 controller to look at your surroundings or use the right analog stick.

Yet another thing which stands out for this game is the soundtrack with superb dynamic music and brilliant sound effects making Journey one game not to miss.

Overall: There isn't anything else much to say about this 3rd person online adventure, you never really know who you'll encounter online when reaching towards the end of the credits you do get to see who journeyed with if you're playing online. The price might put a few people off but totally worth the purchase even tough that you can complete it in one sitting under 2-3 hours, but has trophy which you can pick up as your Journey across towards the mountain. There are a few rewards returning travellers with secrets and surprises making you want to play more, do yourself a favour and download this game just worth the trouble.