Very good for a star trek game!

excellent game, i think it is very fun, but if your not a fan of star trek then i dont really think this is your thing. even though i like star trek, but that is besides the point. it is an amazing game of strategy, time, stealth and completing the objectives. This game has a massive range of weapons in store for you, from basic phasers to the amazing sniper rifle and the type 2 phaser. and its not just weapons that is so good it is the stealth equipment aswell, such as tricorders (scanning device), grenades, bombs, time bombs, cloaking band, decoys and much much more. in a usual mission you probly are able to get around 5 away team members. Each team member has there own personality and speciality, might be weapons, stealth, security or engineering. having the ability to control each member to accomplish different tasks is very good, because you get a good record with nice clean time. the storyline in this game begins as just a precorsion, a hunch i spose, but in the end you are facing the threat of being annilated, even by the borg them selves (very powerful enemies of the federation). it keeps you interested and 'going' in the game. I also like the option were you can go into walk, crouch or run mode, this enables you to pass enemies you don't have to take care of, if you know what i mean ; ). The graphics were good for its time and offers a range of different sounds in the game fitting with each weapon or action. Having the option to save any time during the game is also very helpful.

i recommend this game to any one who loves stealth/strategy games and ofcourse to any die hard fans of star trek ; ).