This game is one of those few that can be calle "A masterpiece" in the full meaning of it.

User Rating: 9.6 | Hostile Waters PC
I don't know why ,but this game is not so widely known within the community.
This game is one of those combinations between some genres.But unlike the others,this game incorporates a bit of RTS with a bit of action and tactical planning and it does it so well that it will keep you playing for a long long time.I know it did with me.
The first time I got this game was in 2002 ,when it was offered specially from a magazine I bought.
I was thrilled by it.While seemengly simple and straight-forward,the game can get complicated and even the best of tacticians might find some levels difficult.
This game has been keeping me entertained for a lot of time and I still play it sometimes these days.
If you don't have this game ,and are a fan of RTS or SF games,than don't look any further and get this game.You won't regret it !
This is a classic and a masterpiece in the full meaning of it .