It's a shame more people didn't hear about this game. Perfection at it's finest.

User Rating: 10 | Hostile Waters PC
Hostile Waters:Antaeus Rising is truly perfect. Overall, the game features an immensive storyline,good graphics,smart a.i., and numerous action-packed levels. The characters in this game are all unique. Whether it be their fighting style,their weapon or vehicle of choice, or just the way they talk to one another, you can expect something different from each one. This is really useful when planning out an attack against the enemy. Having some problems deciding who's competent enough to attack the enemy in a chopper? Just send one of the naturally gifted flyers like Ransom or Korolev. The same goes for choosing tank operators, clean-up crew drivers and everything else in this game. By the time you finish the game you'll be wishing you could stay and chat with your crew on the way back home.

The levels in this game are truly exceptional. No island will look the same as the last and they all were scenically awesome. Some levels will be easier to play using a chopper, some with a tank and some with a hovercraft. Some of the more lateral levels also feature dead and infected land caused by some creatures in the game. It is all just beautifully designed and drawn to provide the best type of battle this game can offer.

There are many different types of vehicles and weapons to choose from in this game. There are also add-ons that you can insert in the vehicle when building it. The weapons list is also incredible. Ranging from machine guns to futuristic EMP pulse guns this game gives you a wide variety to choose from. Any vehicle can have any add-on and any weapon so there's always room for making your battle a different experience than the last.

In the end, this game is an awesome addition to any gamers' library. With an immensive storyline, wide cast of characters and huge list of weapons and vehicles, this game is truly a classic.