User Rating: 9.3 | Homeworld 2 (BestSeller Series) PC
In Homeworld 2, you control the mothership called, Pride of Hiigara, powered by the second hyperspace core found in a desert planet. Hiigarans are being overrun by the Vaygr enemy forces, so obviously you are up to the task of defeating the Vaygr, and its leader, who calls himself. "The Chosen One". That seemed simple, but the story gets quite interesting when "The Prophecy" kicks in after a few missions. Homeworld 2 features the basic RTS modes: Singleplayer campaign, multiplayer over internet or LAN, and skirmish against CPU. The story in single player campaign is told through well done black and white videos as well as inmission cutscenes, and those are surely fun to watch. Graphic improved alot since Homeworld. Although the ship models look pretty much the same, but textures are so much better, and add details to the models. With shadowing turned on, the ships look amazing. The damage effects on models are also very good, so you can tell when a ship is about to explode. In additional, most of ships have subsystems like engine and facilities. You can actually destory those subsystems to disable the ship's main functions before destorying the entire ship, which is quite fun when you have the upperhand to torture enemy abit. Sound effect and music are just right. One noticable good thing is all status reports are entirely voice over with clean professional voice. There is no onscreen text notice when units are built, which is great because there are already so much going on screen to have time to read. The biggest issue that may drive some people away from Homeworld 2 is battlefield control/movement. Battles are set in full 3D space with 360 degree camera rotation. There is no way you can play HW2 without moving camera angle constantly to get a good look of the battles. People with no good sense of 3D space might have a hard time telling the distance and height between two objects. Good thing though, the game offers a great deal of control on camera movement, focus, and hotkeys. So as long as you take time to learn the hotkeys and camera movements, you will be riding space in no time. Homeworld 2 is indeed very hard game, simply because there are so much going. Controlling camera, ordering attacks, building new ships, researching new technology, and making decision about surviving the tough situation you are often in all at same time is no easy task, so Homeworld 2 is not for everyone, but the epic battles sure are alot of fun and worth the time. (By the way you can pause the game anytime) Overall Homeworld 2 is a great RTS in general and the best space-combat RTS you can find on the market. HW2 might seem hard at first, but if you take some time to learn controls, you will find it not hard at all.