A Not So Great Addition To BF1942

This 2nd expansion pack for BF 1942 doesn't work so well as the 1st one (serect weapons) because it only adds three maps to the game. Even with the two new armies added (the Free French and the Italians) they only appear in two maps each so you don't see them as much as you would want to. There are a few new vechicules and weapons that make the expansion pack a little bit better but less is added than special forces. Aside from that it is still action packed and fun to play. However the command interface is confusing once again and the AI still sucks. The graphics and sound are alright and you will once again enjoy the game better when you play with others online instead of just the AI. Also once again no auto-reload is in the expansion pack. My view is don't buy this expansion pack unless it is on sale.